Interactive Session with Mr. Arun Saxena – Sep 23, 2021

Mr. Arun Saxena, 1978 alumni of SGSITS, Ex-Microsoft (Head of Program management) and member of Mumbai Angel Investor mentored our incubates on 23/09/2021.

One on one interaction/mentoring sessions were conducted for six incubates. These sessions began with  interaction with Mr. Nityansh Garg founder of Codeium followed by  Mr. Shanil Kothari founder ListApp.  Next mentoring session was with Ms. Aakriti Jain & Mr. Atul Kala founders of Pehel Smart solution then with Mr. Anand Mishra founder of Adwaita Educare and Mr. Nikhil Pawar founder GymTrainer.

On 24th, Mr. Arun Saxena attended a demonstration session and interacted with Mr. Ashwin Dhanotiya & Mr. Gaurav Paliwal founder off Zevyu Energy  and guided them about how to improve upon the idea and market strategy.

Mr. Arun Saxena also spent time with the Entrepreneurship - Cell student members and guided them on how to inculcate, support and encourage entrepreneurial ecosystem in students. Mr. Saxena interacted with Mr. Tapan Mukherji, Industrialist and Board member of SGSITS Incubation Forum.

Visit ended after a meeting with the Director SGSITS, Dr. P.K. Chande, Dr. Neeraj Jain, Mr. Sakal Jain and Mr. Apurva Gaiwak. In this meeting future path of progression for SGSITS Incubation Forum was discussed. SGSITS Incubation Forum is grateful for these efforts and guidance from Mr. Arun Saxena.